Storm Damage: When To Hire A Roofing Contractor

Don’t gamble with your roof and wait for water to start dripping on your head due to a serious roof leak. A simple roof repair will be out of the question if you wait too long. You have to call experienced contractors for help before this happens! They can help prevent further damage to your roofing materials and your inner ceiling.

Asphalt Shingle Residential Roof Damaged From Storm

We have prepared a guide about the indications that you need roof repair and what causes these roofing emergencies.

How Do You Know You Need Roofing Repair?

The last thing you want to hear from your roofing contractor in Appleton WI is “you need a roof replacement”. Proper roof maintenance can extend the life of your current roof and will save you time and money.

Here are some things that will damage your roofing structure in Wisconsin:

Hail Damage in Appleton

You will know there has been hail damage if you see small white pellets on the ground. Visible signs of hail damage are bruising to the roofing, cracks in the roofing materials and shingle granules all over the ground, and in your gutter. Breaks and granules are fairly easy to spot. If you notice these things ask your roofer to inspect the roof.

Wind Damage in Wisconsin

The strong winds we see in Appleton can cause stress points on your roof that in-turn cause wear and tear over time. These areas are prone to water penetration. Eventually, the roofing structure will begin to deteriorate. Inspect your shingles and see if they are misshapen or bent. Missing shingles or missing pieces of shingles are sure signs there’s damage and that you need a repair.
fallen tree means this roof needs replacement

Tree Damage in Appleton

Having trees around your home is beneficial for shade and cooling down your property. That is as long as the trees are positioned in a way that they won’t fall on your roof. When dealing with Appleton roofers, in most cases you will want your contractors to come and inspect your roof after a storm and assess the damage.

Regular Appleton Weather Can Cause Wear and Tear

If your roof is 20-25 years old, then it is time to look into a replacement. Regular inspection, maintenance, and repair are just meant to prolong the roof’s life. Eventually, every roof will need a complete replacement.

Improper Installation

This typically happens when roofing is installed by inexperienced roofers. Improper installation will cause more sever leakage.

Emergency Roofing Repairs from an Appleton WI Contractor

When will your Appleton home require emergency roofing repairs? Your roof requires emergency repairs typically during or after a large storm or heavy downpour. It is important to call professional contractors to help immediately to avoid further damage to property. So, what causes roofing emergencies?

  1. Natural wear and tear is common due to the Appleton climate.
  2. Delayed maintenance due to weather conditions.
  3. Falling debris like large tree branches which is common after a Appleton wind storm.
  4. Strong winds which will rip off the roofing decking.
  5. Improper roofing installation

During emergency situations, it is important that you never go up on the roofing alone. Wait for a professional to inspect and evaluate the damage and needed repair. Cover the leak with plastic sheeting to protect the interior parts of your Appleton house. Perform a visual inspection of the roofing outside while you’re standing on the ground.

Preventive maintenance is a way of prolonging the life of your roof. However, sometimes emergencies happen, and they are beyond your control. Always call a professional Appleton WI contractor to evaluate the roofing repairs needed.

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